Featured Car Of The Month – August 2010


[dcs_p]The GTO was significantly restyled in 1970 with a new Endura front fascia, prominent fender lines and a new rear end treatment. The Judge returned as the ultimate GTO, wwith splashier graphics and a more prominent rear air foil. While a new high-torque 455 cubic inch V8 was announced, it was delayed until late in the year to continue with the Ram Air engines, the most powerful of which was the 370 horsepower Ram Air IV.[/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]The beautiful GTO offered here is truly an exceptional vehicle. According to PHS records, only 36 Ram Air IV GTO convertibles were built in 1970. Of those, only eighteen are believed to be Judges, and this is one of only six 4-speed examples known to exist. It has been faithfully restored to as-new condition with an eye toward the smallest details; even the factory radio tag and sun-visor card are present and accounted for. The Palladium Silver finish combines with the Black top and interior for probably the most understated color scheme available for the GTO. In contrast, the three-color Judge graphics, "Ram Air IV" hood and sixty-inch rear spoiler leave no doubt about this machine's purpose.[/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]Notwithstanding the Hurst T-Handle shifter rising from its opional center console, the handsome black bucket seat interior emphasizes the luxury side of the GTO equation. Along with the wood-rimmed steering wheel, woodgrain trim surrounds the Rally gauges above an engine-turned switchplate. Other features include power steering, power front disc brakes, Soft-Ray tinted glass, color-matching hood tach, painted five-spoke steel Rally wheels and raised-white-letter Firestone Wide Oval tires.[/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]An extremely rare, magnificently restored Ram Air IV 4-speed convertible, this 1970 GTO Judge is an outstanding example of Pontiac's greatest musclecar.[/dcs_p]