1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR Survivor

Musclecar Milestones

“I really enjoy this car,” says Tim. “Compared to the other Mopars, it handles like something modern, and it responds; it’s definitely the most fun car in my collection. I normally keep a set of radials on it so I can take it out when I want to just drive. I bought it thinking I’d resell it; after driving it, now I will never sell it.”

Mileage: 20.600

Production: 2724 (1,120 four speeds)

Color: FE5 Rallye Red paint with accompanying A22 elastomeric bumpers, black interior

Standard Equipment: A53 Trans Am package (15x7 Rallye wheels, AAR graphics, fiberglass hood, rear fiberglass spoiler, side exit exhaust, heavy duty suspension, E55 340 engine, D21 four speed, D56 3.55 Sure grip, U01 Goodyear tires - E60 front/G60 rear tires front, V6H tape stripe, W34 collapsible spare)


Options: (A22) Elastomeric front and rear bumpers (includes outside mirrors (left remote control) and deck panel treatement) * (A62) Rallye instrument cluster group * (R22) solid state AM / 8-track * (R31) dual rear speaker * (S74) power steering fast ratio (Y16) sales group * (A67) rear window louvers * (C16) console *(G15) tinted windshield * (J55) undercoating * (J78) front spoiler package.

Cost: $4,724.05