Wellborn Proudly Welcomes Unrestored, 10k mile, FM3 Dart to Collection

1970 Dodge Dart, 10,100 original mile, in factory FM3 Panther Pink.

The Wellborn Musclecar Museum welcomes this 1970, FM3 Panther Pink, Dart Swinger to the collection.  With only 10,100 actual miles and in intact unrestored original condition, this one would definitely be an object of lust for any enthusiast. The first owner, however didn't quite see it that way.  The car was originally purchased by the first owner's mother as a graduation gift.  His friends continually teased him about cruising around in a pink car.  Embarrassed by it, the Pink Swinger was parked the car and bought himself another set of wheels.  The car surfaced again in 1985 with a mere 4,100 miles on it.  At the time, she was still wearing her original plugs, wires, belts and hoses.  The car still wears them to this day.  The original IBM card was found when the car was recovered, but the broadcast sheet was not discovered until 2006 when a curious new owner pulled the rear seat for the first time.  Car remains one of the most desirably optioned, unrestored 1970 Dodge Dart 340 Swingers known to exist and is a welcome addition to the Wellborn Museum collection.

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