Mopars at the Museum


Welcome to the 1st Annual Mopar at the Museum. Hosted by Tim and Pam Wellborn and the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  This is sure to be a legendary day in the Mopar books.  It is a great pleasure to share the day with friends and family and most importantly we are all contributing to the preservation of the American Musclecar Heritage.

5:00pm-800pm: Friday October 21, 2016

Stop by Russwood

Although the show officially starts on Saturday we know most of you will arrive Friday afternoon so Tim and Pam invite you to their Russwood home.  Lots of shop talk from 5:00 till 8:00.  Feel free to stop by and shake a few hands.


Trailers can be parked at in the Winn Dixie parking lot on Highway 280, Alexander City, AL 35010.

Russwood, Tim and Pam's Home: 101 Russwood, Alexander City,  AL 35010. Just a few blocks from the museum.

Wellborn Musclecar Museum: 124 Broad Street, Aleander City, AL 35010.

This event will not be judged.  Tim and Pam have never really believed in judging the cars.  They feel each car and the owners are unique and all have a great story to be preserved.  There will be a few "CHOICE AWARDS" presented by the Wellborns.

10:00am: SATURDAY. OCTOBER 22, 2016

Registration at Museum

Tim and Pam Wellborn welcome you to the Wellborn Musclecar Museum. Registration opens at 10:00am.  We look forward to spending the day at Museum.  Meet and mingle at your leisure.  Tour the museum. Peruse the museum gift shop.  Take a long look at all the guest Mopars. Nothing rivals the opportunity to be together with so many Mopar fans. All here with the common love and goal of preserving the American Musclecar Heritage.

Noon: Saturday. October 22,2016

Explore Downtown Alexander City

Lunch is on your own.  This will give you an opportunity to explore downtown Alexander City.  The museum is located in the heart of the small town so most everything is within walking distance.  We have put together a list of some of our favorite restaurants, cafes and shops.  For some suggestions CLICK HERE.


5:30pm: SATURDAY. OCTOBER 22, 2016

Welcome to Russwood. DINNER. 70'S PARTY.

We will all gather this afternoon and evening at Russwood, the home of Tim and Pam Wellborn.  Arrive in your favorite 70's attire and prepare to have fun filled time evening. 

6:00 Wine Tasting:  Presented by Sommelier Pam Wellborn.  $10 per person.

6:30 Dinner: Cajun/Creole Seafood Boil.  Presented by Paul and Cindy Reynolds.  Served at the pool house at Russwood.

Dance the night away.