Always Room for One More

Always Room for One More


Artist Michael Irvine

Imagine being back in the mid-1970s. The public’s demand for V8 power drops as fuel shortages cause the price of gas to skyrocket. Long line ups at service stations are routine and people reconsider their current 8 mile per gallon rides.

Dealerships and used car lots are flooded with big block beasts as customers desperately trade them in at a loss for more fuel efficient transportation.

In the frenzy, you have the foresight to realize just how special "bowties" are. With prices too good to pass up, you begin to assemble a few of your favorites.

We enter the imaginary setting, winding our way through an impressive collection of some of Chevy’s most highly prized street brawlers to see our savvy Bowtie enthusiast unload his latest acquisition, a 1971 Motion Camaro. His eyes scan the property for a place to park it and his mind calculates the moves needed to make it fit. A smile comes across his face, as he says to himself, “The collection is comin’ along fine, but there’s always room for one more...”!

Michael on "Always Room For One More"

I wanted to create a tribute to all the car enthusiasts of the past that were compelled by the need for speed, to preserve and maintain these pieces o Amefrican history and for abiding by the car lovers unwritten motto, ‘There’s always room for one more!’- MICHAEL IRVINE

    Limited Edition reproductions
    Individually Signed/Numbered by Michael Irvine
    Embossed with Michael's Studio Seal
    Certificate of Authenticity

    LIMITED EDITION PRINT (only 800 produced)
    Overall size: 22 x 28"; Image size: 18 x 23"
    10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock
    Choice of available print number:
    Price: $140.00 USD

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