Pure As The Driven Snow

Pure As The Driven Snow


Shelby Mustang Car Art
by artist Michael Irvine

For 1965 Ford Motor Company teamed up with Carroll Shelby to create one of the most recognized Mustangs ever produced — the Shelby G.T. 350. Shelby increased the Mustang's already potent 271hp 289ci engine, with an assortment of bolt-on goodies, bringing total horsepower to 306. The addition of a fiberglass hood, side-exiting exhaust, suspension upgrades and the removal of all non-essentials, like the backseat, transformed the sporty little Mustang into a "street legal" race car.

All '65 Shelby Mustangs were painted a Wimbledon White with twin Guardsman Blue racing stripes and matching lower side stripes. This paint scheme, which was reminiscent of the world-class Ford race cars of the day, let the public know that this was no ordinary Mustang.

In "Pure As The Driven Snow" Michael takes us outside to a peaceful setting on a crisp, clear, winter's day. On this morning we see Shelby's creations basking in the glow of the sun while long cast shadows help camouflage them from passers by.

Michael on "Pure As The Driven Snow"

“Over the years, Shelbys have been available in a multitude of color combinations, but for many enthusiasts, the striking and memorable white with blue stripes, represents the purest of the breed. At first glance, it's easily the most recognizable. In choosing the setting, I wanted to take that color scheme, one step further by 'hiding' the cars in the scene, rather than having them jump out at you. Although challenging, I thought that the best way to achieve that, was to paint white cars on a white background, and continue the stripes into the shadows cast by the trees."- MICHAEL IRVINE

    Limited Edition reproductions
    Individually Signed/Numbered by Michael Irvine
    Embossed with Michael's Studio Seal
    Certificate of Authenticity

    LIMITED EDITION PRINT (only 800 produced)
    Overall size: 30 x 21"; Image size: 26.5 x 16"
    10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock
    Price: $140.00 USD

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