Participant & Spectator Rules and Regulations

By entering the "2012 Wellborn Musclecar Museum" Event, the participants and spectators agree to follow all rules and regulations and decisions as set forth by Wellborn Musclecar Museum.

Liability - In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate, entrants and spectators, by execution of the entry form and/or purchase of event tickets, release and discharge Wellborn Musclecar Museum their agents, representatives and anyone else connected with the managment or prsentation of the Wellborn Musclecar Museum event from any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, loses, judgements, and/or claims from any cause whatsoever that may be suffered by any entrant to his person or prperty.  All participants are required to have insuance for their person/property.  Entrants agree that participation in any games or activities will be limited to vehicles, which have passes a vehicle inspection as deemed by Wellborn Musclecar Museum.

Operation - Event managment reserves the right to restrict entrants to acceptable behavior during any and all activities of the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  Open headers, burnout's or any other reason an entrant or their vehicle is deemed objectionable by event managment will subject entrant and their vehicle to eviction from the premises.  Any poor behavior on or off the grounds will be reason for denying admittance of their entrant and vehicles to the grounds and also possible suspension from future events.  In case of eviction or restriction, Wellborn Musclecar Museum is not liable for refunding entry fees except at its own discretion.

Entry and Advertising Release - All publicity and advertising rights are reserved by Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  Photos taken or submitted are the property of Wellborn Musclecar Museum and can be used at their discretion.  The event Logo is reserved by Wellborn Musclecar Museum and can not be copied or duplicated in any way shape or form without the written consent of Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  There will be NO VCR,DVD or related filming of the event unless proper licensing/permission is obtained from Wellborn Musclecar Museum. 

Sale of Items/Vendor Entry - Wellborn Musclecar Museum is not responsible for any transactions that may have taken place between a participant/spectator and/or vendor.  All sales, are between the two parties and not Wellborn Musclecar Museum.  All exhibitors (including commercial) are prohibited from playing mechanical music (this includes radios, tapes or discs) at the show.  Vendors are responsible for fines or failure to comply.  Vendors are responsible for all City/State taxes and/or licenses that are required.  Vendor agrees to obey all laws of the City, State in which the event is taking place.

Refunds - This is no rain date; the event will take place on the advertised dates.  If weather causes the cancellation of any scheduled event, there will be not refunds for admission/entry.  Failure to pass inspection or qualify for any portion of the event will not qualify for a refund.  Refunds are only made if requested in writing by the mail closing date. (September 1, 2011)  Failure to attend sacrifices the entry fee.

Prizes - Prizes awarded during the event must be picked up by 3pm Sunday or the prize is fore-fitted.