Michael Irvine Artwork: Service Fit For A King

Michael Irvine Artwork: Service Fit For A King

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Featured on the cover of Mopar Collectors Guide

In 1970, Plymouth lured Richard Petty back to Chrysler with the introduction of the 1970 Superbird. With speeds capable of going in excess of 200 mph, this iconic winged warrior is recognized the world over as one of the most significant cars ever to race in Nascar. Richard Petty, himself, is an icon in the world of Nascar, having won seven series championships during his illustrious 35-year career. With 200 NASCAR Winston Cup Series wins under his belt, he is considered to be the "King" of stock car racing.

This is the second painting in Michael's series, "Above Them All." Like Richard Petty's famous 1970 Superbird, the cars featured in this series are iconic automobiles that have had a definite historical impact on the automotive industry and the car collector hobby.

Michael on "Service Fit For A King"

'The paintings in this series, feature cars that are somehow unique, special or historically significant. Not only that, but each one has the viewpoint taken from above — giving the viewer a perspective they would probably never have a chance to see. As with the other pieces in this series, the image can be viewed vertically or horizontally. I’ve definitely created a unique challenge for myself with this particular series!
I do a lot of research for each painting, making sure I have the right wheels, tires, grill pattern, for each car. But with this series, it goes deeper. When I choose my subject, it has to be "worthy" of the series. It has to be a car, and in this case driver, that has had an important impact on automotive history. That's one part of why I really enjoy what I do ... I can push myself farther, creating new challenges with each new painting or series.’- MICHAEL IRVINE

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