Michael Irvine Artwork: Six Pack Salute

Michael Irvine Artwork: Six Pack Salute

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It's a spectacular day on the show field and all the Mopars are looking their best! This incredible painting is all about the cars—and the arrival of the Superbird—with the obvious show-stopping impact it has. Not only does it command the stares of appreciative on-lookers, it is worthy of a "6-pack salute.".

One of Michael's most color-intense paintings, it features Mopars from 1967 through 1971, including the powerful GTXs, Road Runners, Super Bees, Chargers, Cudas and a Challenger! With it's 'reflection-in-a-reflection-in-a-reflection,' this painting is as much of a head-turner as the cars it pays tribute to!

Michael on "Six Pack Salute"

I've been fascinated by these cars since I was a kid, because of their race-car look. The wing alone must have drawn some attention. I'm guessing a lot of them were pulled over 'just because.' I can imagine how the dialogue might have gone: 'If it's not a race car, what's the wing for?' 'Um, well officer, I heard it's for keeping the back end stable at over 200 mph ... but I can't be sure, 'cause my speedometer only goes to 150.'- MICHAEL IRVINE

  • Limited Edition reproductions
  • Individually Signed/Numbered by Michael Irvine
  • Embossed with Michael's Studio Seal
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • LIMITED EDITION PRINT (only 800 produced)
    Overall size: 22 x 28"; Image size: 18 x 23"
    10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock
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  • ARTIST PROOF WITH REMARQUE (only 20 released)
    Overall size: 22 x 28"; Image size: 18 x 23"
    10pt satin finish, acid free, museum quality stock

  • GALLERY EDITION CANVAS (only 50 produced)
    Size: 36"x 50" (All the detail at twice the size!)

    100% cotton, acid free, archival quality canvas, stretched & ready to hang. Accompanied by two Certificates of Authenticity - Authentic Giclée and Authentic Michael Irvine Reproduction.
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