Year One

Year One


Artist David Snider

Everyone knows the story. After years of searching for parts for his 1969 Trans Am, Len Athanasiades founded YearOne. That was 25 years ago; and today, YearOne has bragging rights as the leading muscle car restoration parts business.
Kevin King, president of YearOne, commissioned artist David Snyder to commemorate the 25th anniversary with a painting. The original painting was presented to founder Len Athanasiades at the YearOne Experience in Atlanta this past April. The painting depicts significant first-year milestones in muscle car history, including Len's Trans Am in front of the famous Varsity Drive-In, located in Atlanta, just across from Georgia Tech where Len attended as an engineering student.
Only 950 prints and 95 artist proofs will be published from the original painting. Each signed and numbered print measures 18" x 26" and is printed on high quality acid free stock trimmed to 22" x 28".

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Limited Edition $90.00

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