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Meet Tim and Pam Wellborn


As a young child, Tim Wellborn’s father was his mentor in many ways.   Tim and his brothers always had great admiration for their father.  It’s no surprise that Tim’s love of American automobiles began at his fathers side. 

Tim was only nine when his father brought home their new 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  This was a basic model, a 1967 383 powered car.  The hemi option was eight hundred dollars more so his frugal father opted for the air-conditioning instead, which was also a great way to appease his mom.  A few years later Tim traveled to the local dealership with his dad to look at the new Chargers.  They chose a car, but before signing the papers, the salesperson showed his father a brochure of the new 1971 Chargers.  Immediately the decision was made to wait until the 1971 models arrived.  Doug Wellborn ordered a 1971 Charger RT with a 426 Hemi.  That day was the day Tim Wellborn became a huge Mopar fan and, today still has a great love for all that is Chrysler, but especially 1971 Dodge Chargers.  

Tim and Pam Wellborn have since amassed one of the world’s largest collections of Dodge Chargers and other high performance makes of the 1969 - 1971 era.  Would you believe Tim still owns his original inspiration, the 1971 Charger that belonged to his father and by far it is his most beloved.


Tim and Pam Wellborn have a great love.  Yes for each other, but they also both share an incredible attraction to musclecars.  Their story reads like a great American romance novel.

Many moons ago, Tim arrived at Pam’s childhood home to pick her up for their first date.  Of course he was driving a Dodge Charger.  This was the hey day for musclecars.  Musclecars were a symbol of independence for the new generation of baby boomers.  All Pam could think about was the summer heat from the hemi and no air-condintioning.  Tim assured her that the Chrysler’s “Fresh Air Strato-Vent System” would keep her cool.  Evidently things went well.

Today you stand among the collection of musclecars and vintage memorabilia that for many years Tim and Pam Wellborn have passionately collected.  Look around.  The first car the love birds dated in is among the collection.

Their deep love of cars, and each other, is evident when you meet Tim and Pam.  They both share an incredible wealth of musclecar knowledge and passion for the hobby of collecting musclecars.  The result is a collection that could have only been accomplished by a great team like the Wellborns.  Both hands have touched every piece in the collection.  Every vintage piece has a story that they share. Each purchase is a collaboration.  Pam, with her contageous laugh and Tim with his quiet but strong demeanor make this a true American love affair.


For over 30 years, the Wellborns had owned and mutually managed a fabulous kitchen cabinet manufacturing company.  Their life has been spent working side by side running the day to day operations of the company and casually collecting cars together.  It was perfect until an unexpected turn of events changed everything.  

The company started suffering. When the Wellborns pulled out all stops to save their business, their plan included selling the majority of the cars they had collected.  Most would see this as unfortunate, but the positive pair was thankful to have the resources that in the end did help save the cabinet business.

With a revitalized business, but an empty garage the Wellborns set out to reclaim their beloved cars.  

This series of events inspired them to own the cars of their dreams.

It is amazing to realize that the Wellborn’s collection of musclecars has evolved in much of the same manner as the musclecar industry did in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Musclecars were born to a generation ready to rumble.  The country was emerging from the Great Depression and World War II.  The country had seen bad times and now had reason to celebrate.  When the Wellborns’ livelihood was threatened and business was suffering, they turned things around. Now they had reason to celebrate.  The quest began.  Today, they rightfully own the largest collection of Dodge cars in the nation.  The Wellborns have every color of the 1971 Dodge Chargers with the exception of two. 


The purchase and restoration of the property that houses the Wellborn Musclecar Museum is just as much part of the Wellborn collection as the musclecars and memorabilia.

In 1944 Mr. Darwin Dobbs began construction of the Wellborn building.  In it’s day the building was a gleaming, modern structure.  It was the talk of the town.  Mr. Dobbs moved his Buick dealership to the new location and invited the public for a grand opening on November 3, 1945.  Hundreds of townspeople packed the showroom to peruse the new Buick models and tour the new “state of the art” facility.

The Dobbs family owned and operated their dealership here for many years.  In recent years, Mr. Fred Dobbs sold the building to Tim and Pam Wellborn.  Fred is the great grandson of Darwin Dobbs and owns and operates the same dealership just down the street.

Today, thanks to Tim and Pam Wellborn, the building has been completely restored.  It is a structure to marvel and very appropriate as the home to many vintage cars.  Once again townspeople are packing the showroom to see not only the cars but the beautiful restoration of the loved “Dobbs Building”.  Like the cars, it is a classic.


Just another reason to travel the world, another occasion to meet some of the most incredible personalities in the world.  This is the real love Tim and Pam have for collecting and showcasing their musclecars.  The relationships, the long lasting friendships mean the most to them.  At a glance, their best memories are always associated with the people and places that their car collecting hobby might take them like the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England, the Silverstone Classic in Northamptonshire, England, Nurnberg, Germany and Barcelona Spain as a guest of Chrysler Corporation just to name a few.


Miticulous, decisive, very educated purchases... this defines the Wellborn Collection.  Tim and Pam Wellborn have earned a place in history.  Together they have the world’s largest collection of 1971 Chargers.  They have patiently, and quietly put together the nation’s largest collection of Dodge cars.  Their collection of musclecars not only includes Dodge cars but also a very impressive lot of Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertibles, Ford Boss 429 Mustangs, LS6 Chevelles, GSX Buicks, AMC Javelins, and a Pontiac Ram Air IV GTO Judge Convertible, one of six known to exist.

The musclecar era was a defining time for our country’s culture.  The Wellborns are devoted to the musclecars of the1960’s and 70’s.  Their collections have done a great deal to help preserve our American musclecar heritage.  The love and respect the Wellborns have for musclecars will forever be evident in our history books.